Interested in learning more about aerospace? Take a look at how you can get connected in the Greater St. Louis area.

Our Aircraft

Want to fly? Or do you just want to experience the thrill of taking a ride in a small aircraft? Aero Careers maintains its own Cessna 172-N4496c. Fill out the form below and let us know when you would like to use our aircraft and we’ll get back with you.


Check out what’s going on in the aerospace community in St. Louis.

Things to Do

Interested in aviation but don’t know where to go? Below is a list of places and organizations that provide a fun way to engage with aviation in the St. Louis area. At AeroCareers, we also have a network of people that love to share their love of aviation. If you’d like something a bit more […]

Looking for Work

We get it. This is a lot of links. But it just scratches the surface of what’s available in the St. Louis area. Feel free to use this to get started, but consider checking out our mentor page to get connected with someone who can provide some better advice, and help guide you through the […]